Kendrick Lamar “Damn” Album Review



Hello friends. It has been a while. It’s time.

Now Kendrick Lamar is a person I think of as an exceptional rapper and has maybe the best album(GKMC) in the last…10 years?(American Gangster).  Exceptional beats, lyrics, flow, he has just about everything…

DAMN is his latest album and we’re here to discuss it..


1. BLOOD. – Pour a hobo’s blood into dirt and bake it for 35 minutes. That’s this track.

2. DNA. -Overrated trash

3. YAH. – Think about being fired and catching AIDS in the same day.


5. FEEL. – I wanted to feel….. like I was dead

6. LOYALTY. ft. Rihanna – Rihanna sound like a cat being halfback tossed into a wood chipper. She fine though


8. HUMBLE. – Another consistent trash single..Does he have the worst singles by a good rapper?

9. LUST. – No thank you

10. LOVE. ft. Zacari – I’d love to get this shit over with

11. XXX. ft. U2 – This track describes the $10 I paid for it

12. FEAR. – Next

13. GOD. – This is the person I called to remove my memory for the previous 47 minutes 

14. DUCKWORTH. – I didnt like this cartoon at all 



 I’ll just name a few things I’d rather do than listen to this album…


1.) Save baby Adolf Hitler from a dumpster fire behind a Woolworth in 1922.

2.) Watch a rabid grizzly bear rip my dick and intestines out and eat it like unlimited spaghetti night at Olive Garden.

3.) Eat my own arm. 

4.) Be the victim of consecutive pistol whippings as my alarm goes off at 6:46am.

5.) Elbow drop off a 7 story balcony onto a queen size mattress full of used adult diapers.


Overall this album had a bunch of duds..except Element….I really like Element. All the tracks are capitalized so thats how it loss 2 stars and the rest of it sounds like it was recorded in an underground bunker in the year 2133.


I really expected more from Mr. Lamar. Let’s hope the next time he comes out it isn’t music to drink bleach too.

1.7/5 Stars is my official rating. Just go buy Future..





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